Terms and Conditions

RightBiz.co.uk is a website that is owned and operated by "RightBiz Ltd", registered in the United Kingdom, 145-157 St John Street, London, EC1V 4PY. Company No. 07315996. VAT No. 161 7513 19
In using RightBiz services you agree to:
  1. RightBiz providing an electronic service and does not ship any products to any address.
  2. RightBiz may vary the advertising package offered to members from time to time with or without notice to the member.
  3. RightBiz acting as a business marketplace for sellers to list businesses for sale and for potential buyers to learn about those businesses for sale.
  4. RightBiz not being involved in a transaction between a business seller and a potential buyer.
  5. Be responsible for your own transaction made on RightBiz or made through RightBiz.
  6. Be responsible for making a transaction within the law of the United Kingdom.
  7. RightBiz cannot and does not confirm a user's true or false identity.
  8. RightBiz sending your contact details to business sellers when you contact them via RightBiz.
  9. RightBiz to disclose your contact details to 'RightBiz Premium Business Buyers' when you are selling a business via RightBiz.
  10. RightBiz cannot and does not confirm an advert's quality, data, accuracy and honesty.
  11. Provide RightBiz with true, accurate, honest information and maintain and update the information as circumstances require.
  12. Be responsible for any content you submit on to RightBiz.
  13. Submit information that is not fraudulent, false, inaccurate or misleading.
  14. Not use RightBiz in a manner to expose security flaws.
  15. Not use RightBiz in a manner which will exploit RightBiz.
  16. Violate any law of the United Kingdom on RightBiz.
  17. Find information that may be deceptive, harmful, inaccurate or offensive.
  18. Use common sense when using RightBiz.
  19. Be prepared to deal with other users who may give false information about their identity.
  20. Not use software tools or online tools known as 'scraping' to extract information from RightBiz.
  21. Not exploit, reproduce, copy, merge, sell the RightBiz website unless permitted by the company of RightBiz.
  22. Not to send an enquiry or a message advertising a service to a RightBiz user.
  23. Not to decompile, disassemble, reproduce, reverse engineer, copy, use, disclose or transfer the underlying source code of RightBiz.
  24. Not to expropriate any system, data or information.
  25. Not to cause RightBiz to lose service, or become a liability for RightBiz.
  26. Not to user RightBiz services to commit to which is considered illegal, offensive, harassing or bullying in nature.
  27. All images, text, buttons, source code and compilation of adverts are the property of RightBiz or the property of the content supplier.
  28. Images, text, buttons, source code may be licensed on specific terms to RightBiz.
  29. Have your access to RightBiz terminated if RightBiz deems your use of RightBiz suspicious, or if you have breached this entire 'terms and conditions' agreement.
  30. Contact RightBiz immediately if RightBiz has infringed any copyright.
  31. RightBiz removing any content that may have infringed copyright without notice.
  32. RightBiz reserves the right to terminate or refuse or cancel a membership or account if RightBiz believes a user has violated these terms and conditions or law of the United Kingdom.
  33. Submit your correct email address when signing up to use any of RightBiz services.
  34. RightBiz communicate with you through your given email address, and may communicate with you through other forms of communication including telephone and fax.
  35. Have the option to opt out of RightBiz's mailing list.
  36. Membership rights not being assigned to an account without RightBiz's permission.
  37. Membership rights and privileges cannot be transferred to another organisation without permission of RightBiz and the membership user.
  38. RightBiz stripping members of their rights to a membership at any given time if RightBiz deems the user to not be abiding by the terms and conditions.
  39. Pay for products that you have applied for using the secure Payment method RightBiz has indicated.
  40. RightBiz not being responsible for the accuracy of any adverts, or pages linked to this website. Links outside of RightBiz are accessed by you at your own risk. RightBiz shall not take responsibility for the websites linked from RightBiz.
  41. RightBiz delivering its purchased and non-purchased services mainly through the website RightBiz.co.uk (https://www.rightbiz.co.uk).
  42. RightBiz disclaims any warranty of any kind which may be displayed on any of the RightBiz adverts.
  43. Free advertising plan provides limited access to the name and message of an enquiry and does not disclose full contact details of the enquirer. Only when a paid advertising package is taken, then the member can access the full details and contents of the enquiry.
  44. After an advertising package has expired, the status of the advert will change to a Free plan. By renewing the advertising package, the member can access the full details and contents of the enquiry.
  45. After a free plan/paid package has been taken, the introductory/promotional offer will no longer be available.
  46. RightBiz contacting you through the contact number specified on your account details.
  47. Being contacted by Premium Members of RightBiz regarding the sale of your business.
Payments and Refunds Policy
  1. Paypal Inc and Worldpay handling all transactions that are made on RightBiz
  2. Direct payments and refunds are the only transactions made on RightBiz
  3. RightBiz not receiving any form of pre-authorised debit or pre-authorised payment.
  4. PayPal and Worldpay only making the payment to RightBiz Ltd only with your authorisation.
  5. Pay the full amount of a package when the package is selected.
  6. Contact RightBiz Support if an advertising package you have paid for is not functioning properly.
  7. Any dispute(s) regarding payment(s) to RightBiz must be conveyed to RightBiz support.
  8. All payments are within the law of United Kingdom.
  9. Pay all amounts due to RightBiz Ltd. All payments must be paid in full without any withholding or deduction except required by law and shall not be entitled to assert any credit, set-off or counterclaim against RightBiz Ltd in order to justify withholding payment of any amount.
  10. RightBiz does not guarantee the quality or quantity of a business sale(s) or enquiries it provides to members. No refunds or credits will be given by RightBiz for failure to provide a sale or to receive an enquiry.
  11. RightBiz reserves the right to vary its pricing and any structure of charges in place from time to time without any notification to any of its members. Any services provided after changes have taken effect will be subject to the relevant new pricing and/or new charging structure.
  12. Free advertising plan provides limited access to the name and message of an enquiry and does not disclose full contact details of the enquirer. Only when a paid advertising package is taken, then the member can access the full details and contents of the enquiry.
  13. Refund requests be assessed and issued at RightBiz's discretion. RightBiz reserves the right to refuse a request for a refund however a valid reason will be provided to the Customer upon refusal.
  1. The member submitting the business is responsible for the data, quality, accuracy and honesty of the advert, and is completed to the best of the member's knowledge and belief. The member shall immediately update or correct content on becoming aware of any errors or inaccuracies. RightBiz has the right to request any changes on the advert and the member shall comply with the requests.
  2. The advert listing submitted by the member will comply with all applicable laws, regulations and codes of practice in the United Kingdom and will not infringe any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights or rights of any third party whatsoever.
  3. The advert listing submitted by the member has to be a business, commercial property or empty business premises.
  4. If the status of the business changes, then within no more than 7 working days; the member will alter the status of the advert listing in RightBiz member's area, so that it may be displayed as either 'For Sale / To Let', 'Under Offer' or 'Sold' as appropriate on the RightBiz website. Or the member will remove the advert listing from member's area in RightBiz so that it is no longer displayed on RightBiz.
  5. The member must also hold all necessary authorities, consents and licences (necessary) to use, display, reproduce, and publish the content of the advert listing they submit to RightBiz and has authority to and grants RightBiz display it for free.
  6. The member has read and will abide by all notices posted on the RightBiz from time to time that are relevant to the provision of the advertising packages.
  7. The member shall not use RightBiz name, or any of its Logos, trade or services marks of RightBiz in a slanderous or malicious manner or in any way that might bring RightBiz, its directors or employees into shame nor shall the member disgrace any marketing material(s) provided to the member in a bad way.
  8. The member shall ensure that only its authorised persons have access to the members account and that where it provides content via the submission form it shall only do so in a text format compatible with any technical specifications issued by RightBiz.
  9. The member agrees that RightBiz may, but shall not be required to, identify the member as the source of the content on the RightBiz.
  10. RightBiz may in its absolute discretion, at any time and without notice to the member, remove or decline to display any advert listing based on its content on RightBiz.
  11. RightBiz requiring the content to be amended at any time if RightBiz considers or has believes that the member is in breach of the terms and conditions or where it deems in its absolute discretion the content to be of poor quality in terms of presentation, information provided or otherwise.
  12. RightBiz not being responsible for any error or omissions in any content.
  13. RightBiz not guaranteeing that the website will be up and running as it may go down occasionally due to technical issues.
  14. Technological failure may stop the RightBiz services or prevent access to all or any part of the advert displayed on RightBiz. RightBiz makes no representation or warranty that the website, the services, or the content will be accessible or available at all times, or that the whole or any part of the website, services will be free from error and while RightBiz will make reasonable attempts to notify the member in advance, it may suspend temporarily or alter the operation of the RightBiz services or without notice to the member.
  15. Be contacted by RightBiz Support/potential buyers for various reasons through email. Therefore the member must ensure their email address is valid and working presently.
  16. Be contacted by potential buyers for various reasons through the members specified phone number. Therefore the member must ensure their phone number is valid and working presently.
  17. License RightBiz without loyalty and for free to display advertising networks wherever RightBiz deems worthy.
  18. Any content related to adult content and drugs are forbidden and will be removed immediately from RightBiz without any form of notice.
  19. Every advert expiring after two years since the day of its creation, thereafter, the advert will become deactivated.
  20. RightBiz not being responsible for the quality of any advert's content.
  21. RightBiz not being responsible to change the contents of any advert unless the change is deemed obligatory by RightBiz staff member(s).
Warranty and Liability
  1. The information, the products and services provided by RightBiz is provided on an "as is" basis without any guarantees, conditions, or warranties as to its accuracy, whether explicitly or implicitly.
  2. RightBiz not being liable for any damage or loss incurred including but not limited to loss of income or business revenue to the Customer or any companies or entities connected with the Customer as a result of using the services provided by RightBiz.