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Sold Empty Shop
The paid advertisement got a rapid response with multiple potential buyers it did better than the estate agent as it was seen over a larger area -- many thanks.
Steven Turner (August, 2015)
Give This Website A Go
Save yourself serious money and give this website a go
Graham Reid (January, 2017)
Good Value
Good responses for the fee paid.
Ian Jackson (June, 2015)
No Problems, Easy To Set Up
Very easy to set up the advert, would recommend this website to sell your business.
Frances Clubbe (May, 2016)
Good Site For Advertising
We had a lot of interests and viewings because we advertised it. Would recommend using RightBiz to sell.
Karen Howard (June, 2015)
Easy For An Amateur
Easy for an amateur to create an advert once the basics are mastered with a box or prompt for most situations!
Andrew Easom (February, 2016)
Business For Sale
Very effective! Easy to use!
Gianni Pau (November, 2015)
Very Good Advertising Site
This is a very good advertising site for sale and purchase.
Zafar Chishti (May, 2016)
Very Good
Fantastic place to sell your business
Maurizio (March, 2016)
Great Platform
A great platform to sell your business.
Paula Rushbrook (November, 2015)
Very Cost Effective
I used the majority of the well-known internet sites to advertise my business. RightBiz was the most cost effective by far, and I sold my business through advertising on their site. One very delighted customer.
Trevor (July, 2015)
Great service and sold shop.
Karen Brown (March, 2017)
I had several inquiries through RightBiz.
Keith Williams (January, 2016)
Garage Advert
Got a lot of interest from this advert.
Aaron Hodgson (March, 2016)
Great Way To Sell Your Business
A great, no hassle way to sell your business.
Paula Riches (March, 2016)
More Opportunities
Rightbiz helped to expose opportunities and enquirers that I would of not otherwise received.
Karen Clayton (July, 2016)
Great Website
Great website.
Tolga Aksac (March, 2016)
Excellent Site
Lots of interests and contacts put to me via the site. Well recommended.
David H (May, 2015)
Easy Sale
Great service allowing us to do a deal and pass on a great little business that has bags of potential.
Nigel Nicol (December, 2016)