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I used the majority of the well-known internet sites to advertise my business very cost effective. Rightbiz was the most cost effective by far, and I sold my business through advertising on their site. One very delighted customer.
Trevor (July, 2015)
Easy for an amateur to create an advert once the basics are mastered with a box or prompt for most situations!
Andrew Easom (February, 2016)
This is a very good advertising site for sale and purchase.
Zafar Chishti (May, 2016)
Very positive procedure with good result. Thank you.
John Simpson (February, 2017)
Thank you for support. Great site and easy to navigate. Have had lots of enquiries. And as usual lots of dreamers and lookers, but successful in the end.
Peter Roberts (March, 2019)
Successful sale. Easy to use website and reasonably priced. Lots of interest in my business meant a quick sale - thank you Rightbiz!
Amanda Trim (March, 2017)
Highly recommended to sell your business or look for a business.
Karen Chevalier (September, 2016)
Good company to sell your business quick and very cheap price.
Wahid Riaz (December, 2018)
Nice and easy to advise your business for sale from your office without any fuss.
Marc Elvin (March, 2019)
I had several inquiries through Rightbiz.
Keith Williams (January, 2016)
Easy to use, we had our advert ready to go within the hour. Step by step assistance. Great exposure and we received many enquiries within the first week. We have now sold the Tearoom. Highly recommend
Kay Shelley (August, 2018)
Great easy to use and had lots of interest in the business and enquire.
Lindsey McGuire (February, 2019)
Good Site For Advertising, We had a lot of interests and viewings because we advertised it. Would recommend using Rightbiz to sell.
Karen Howard (June, 2015)
Very good websiteWe had so many message that it was impossible to replay to everybodyThank you
Francesco Schena (February, 2019)
Very effective! Easy to use!
Gianni Pau (November, 2015)
The rightbiz system has allowed me to liaise directly with buyers and much more interest than given by an agent. The ability to see who has viewed the site and your advert has proved interesting. Thank you rightbiz for the opportunity.
Anon (August, 2018)
Good value for money, allowing comprehensive details, information and numerous photos to attract prospective buyers at a very competitive price. In our case, generating plenty of interest.
Jeff Stone (February, 2019)
Had lots of enquiries through the site. Had a couple of people messing about at first but then managed to sell my business in the end. Easy to manage and control.
Ryan Malliband (January, 2019)
Successfully Sold My Business. Excellent website with a lot of exposure online. Was able to successfully advertise and sell my business.
Eddy Shek (June, 2016)
Great Responses. The interest gained via advertising on rightbiz was amazing. Over 200 serious enquiries in a month. Great job Rightbiz!
Pardip Singh (July, 2017)
Good responses for the fee paid, Good Value.
Ian Jackson (June, 2015)
A great service with good support on setting out the advert. The site captured a lot of interest leading to viewings and a sale very quickly. The messaging system allowed us to contact interested parties instantly with very little effort on our part.
Michael Milnes (March, 2019)
My business has sold through Rightbiz and although we had some technical issues at one point, the experience has been positive. Given the wide net cast by the website and the ease of use, in particular, a one off small payment.
Peter Broughton (October, 2016)
Very easy to set up the advert, would recommend this website to sell your business.
Frances Clubbe (May, 2016)
Good site to sell your business. Cheap and best, highly recommended.
NAGIREDDY (August, 2018)
Thanks for your help
Jeeva Aru (April, 2018)
Very pleased with how this website helped me sell my business. I would use it again and recommend it.
Aspen Weatherburn (April, 2017)
A great, no hassle way to sell your business.
Paula Riches (March, 2016)
Excellent Service. For the money I paid for the advert, this website cannot be beaten.
Beverley Griffiths (November, 2016)
Got a lot of interest from this advert.
Aaron Hodgson (March, 2016)
Excellent Site, Lots of interests and contacts put to me via the site. Well recommended.
David H (May, 2015)
Good service free and easy to use would recommend to advertise on this site. Like all site you will get time wasters but that's just part of the business. Thanks for your help. Good luck
Jatinder Bhathal (March, 2019)
Created a lot of interest. Would recommend Rightbiz to anyone looking at selling or buying. Good value and would certainly use again to advertise a business for sale. Very good value.
Paul Trayton (January, 2019)
Fantastic place to sell your business
Maurizio (March, 2016)
Easy sale. Great service allowing us to do a deal and pass on a great little business that has bags of potential.
Nigel Nicol (December, 2016)
The advert helped a great deal with rightbiz, Thank you.
Caley Alderson (September, 2018)
An affordable and easy way to sell your business with good results.
David Hall (March, 2019)
An affordable and easy way to sell your business with good results.
David Hall (March, 2019)
Received so many queries via Rightbiz.
Mehmet T. (August, 2017)
I would recommend Rightbiz for selling your business very easy to use and I got a lot of interest from and I also found a buyer. Very happy customer.
Suzanne Patterson (December, 2015)
The paid advertisement got a rapid response with multiple potential buyers, it did better than the estate agent as it was seen over a larger area - Sold my empty shop - many thanks.
Steven Turner (August, 2015)
Rightbiz is a good place to look to buy/sell a business, we bought ours through Rightbiz, we also sold through Rightbiz, it’s a good website with a wide range of business for sale.
Malcolm Logan (November, 2018)
I posted an advert on RightBiz after having no joy with my estate agent. After only 2 weeks I had numerous enquiries, 2 viewings and 2 offers, one of which turned into a sale. Very happy with the process. Highly Recommend Using Rightbiz.
Lorraine Clarke (May, 2017)
Rightbiz helped to expose opportunities and enquirers that I would of not otherwise received.
Karen Clayton (July, 2016)
Rightbiz got me some much needed exposure for the sale of my catering business. The process is simple to manage and communications with potential buyers via email is made easy too.
Mark Morgan (February, 2019)
Very good platform to enable you to tell people about your company its history and advertise your business sale.
Christopher Addison (October, 2018)
Very pleased to have sold my shop with Rightbiz.
Mrs Susan Smith (June, 2015)
Good quality site. Had plenty of enquiries with regards to sale. Sadly have had to withdraw sale due to circumstances beyond our control. Potential sale obstructed. Sure the site would of attracted a genuine sale if circumstances had been different.
Richard Johns (February, 2019)
Excellent way to sell your business.
Andrew Cameron (April, 2019)
A great platform to sell your business.
Paula Rushbrook (November, 2015)
Excellent Site. The best place to sell your business.
Rhi Rowlands (February, 2017)
Really good exposure, We had a good response and business sold quickly at the asking price. Thank you
Chris Lee (December, 2018)
Would recommend Rightbiz to anyone serious about selling their business. We received a good amount of enquiries and most of them were from genuinely interested parties who were ready to buy.
Asin Nadeem (May, 2018)
This is a great site to list your business- we found it easy to use, cost effective and had many enquiries on a regular basis. Definitely recommend for anyone selling their business.The customer service is also very responsive.
P Hindocha (June, 2017)
Helped me find potential buyers. I needed to sell on emergency and this website helped me find potential buyers. I have learnt a lot from Rightbiz.
Suzanne Moore (November, 2016)
Good and quick sale with Rightbiz.
Muz (May, 2016)
I've bought and sold through Rightbiz and been very pleased with the results.
Caroline Hemmings (April, 2019)
Very helpful. Had regular interest. Pleased overall with this service. Lots of interested parties.
Yvonne Love (November, 2016)
Got Lots Of Attention. Took a premium advert and received lots of enquiries. Would recommend any business seller to use this website.
Abdul Uddin (June, 2016)
Sell Your Business Here. Simple, hassle free and cost effective. Yes well recommended.
Tom McLavy (April, 2017)
Give This Website A Go. Save yourself serious money and give this website a go.
Graham Reid (January, 2017)
This is a good website for both the seller and the buyer. It perhaps does not do all the things an agent does, but it saves money which can be in both the sellers & buyers advantage, it is a way to go. I'm really happy with Rightbiz.
Patrick Fellows (November, 2015)