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"We've always been obsessed with selling businesses faster for sellers."

Started by a passionate business owner who has enjoyed buying and selling businesses. At the time, every other marketplace and agent was charging fees from £500 - £12,000 and sellers struggled to their sell businesses.

With unwanted fees, complicated contracts, and unnecessary commissions from agents, Rightbiz was born in 2006 to offer business owners a fast but powerful way of selling their business. Rightbiz has come to offer simple yet powerful tools - bundled in the most cost effective package. On top of that, our trusted teams eagerly work with sellers to overcome the biggest problems in selling a business, all in-order to get connected to the ideal buyer they’re looking for.

Today, with this ideal, we present Rightbiz: the UK's largest business for sale marketplace. A marketplace spanning over 5,000 locations, boasting over £10.42 billion worth of businesses for sale, trusted by over 400+ of the largest UK agents for searching, understanding, and investing in the greatest business-for-sale opportunities nationwide.

At Rightbiz, our teams strive to solve the most significant problems in selling a business. Sellers want to sell their businesses but do not know how to find the ideal buyer or are worried about hidden fees. That is why with assurance we’re continually helping our sellers to find their ideal buyer on Rightbiz - the UK’s largest business for sale marketplace.

We believe that working with our selling-obsessed teams, we can create the ultimate marketplace for selling your business for sale.

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Our Historical Achievements

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The birth of Rightbiz.co.uk


A partnership was secured with one of UK’s most significant business for sale agent; resulting in the spiral of fresh content at a large-scale.


Rightbiz focuses on offering its users the opportunity to sell their business on one of UK’s fastest growing marketplaces without having to pay business transfer agency fees.


Rightbiz became one of UK’s most competitive businesses for sale marketplace, ranking in first position for thousands of search keywords.


Rightbiz partnered with 248 nationwide businesses for sale agents.


Rightbiz was recognised by a multi-million pound newspaper to change the business for sale industry.


Rightbiz relocated to its new offices, expanding to several departments and began rapidly growing to on being the UK’s largest business for sale marketplace.


Rightbiz incorporated latest technology in gathering mass data from agents/brokers and manipulating the data into its systems in order to bring instant and most up-to-date businesses for sale and commercial properties onto the marketplace.


Rightbiz underwent a remodel of its advertising platform and brought forward today’s industry leading features and advertising packages.


As the growth of technologies sprouted, Rightbiz too followed this innovation. Rightbiz became an all-in-one marketplace to be compatible on all device platforms such as Apple, Android, Microsoft Windows and many more.


Reaching the largest amount of UK business for sale listings.


Introduction of the new-image of Rightbiz, synthesizing together traditional design principles with modern-day innovative designs; reinforcing a new foundation to bring about a smooth and fast user experience.


Introduction of our Business valuation and Advertising broker services, broadening the opportunities available through Rightbiz for buyers and sellers alike.


Over 500,000 registered buyers on Rightbiz, our highest count!

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Who Depends on Rightbiz?


UK established agents/brokers

£10.3+ billion

of UK Businesses

7.2+ million

of UK Businesses

Our Mission and Focus

"We're here to sell businesses in the fastest way possible in the most cost effective method."

Every single day at Rightbiz we focus on 3-main goals:

Mission 1: Focus on the selling experience and work forward. From the moment you input your advert details, our sole obsession from here is to sell your business in the fastest way possible. We’re continuously working with our Marketing Team every day to market your business for sale advert to as many qualified buyers as possible.

Mission 2: Focus on the buying experience and work forward. With over 300,000 qualified buyers, we’re constantly tailor-making your advert to give you the most excellent selling chances. Every day, our multiple departments work together to continually provide an even greater selling experience than the previous day at Rightbiz.

Mission 3: To become the hardest working marketplace. We understand that selling for the first time or multiple times can be intimidating. That is why we want to keep working with thousands of sellers to continue improving their selling experience and help them sell as fast as possible.

Our Mission and Focus

Feedback from sellers & buyers just like you

Frank Nash

(January, 2022)

Great communication, I will use again!

Aro Ako

(November, 2021)

Brilliant customer service 10/10

Chandra Kant

(October, 2021)

Very helpful chat function - great customer service. Would recommend

Amar Hussain

(September, 2021)

Great expert advice and customer service

Deborah Rani

(July, 2021)

Thank you, you dealt with my enquiry and solved it very quickly

Radha Khatree

(July, 2021)

The customer service and the team from Rightbiz were exceptional. This is one of the best selling and buying sites. Pls Do try here.


(February, 2021)

Quick and simple process. Very useful platform managed to sell my business in under a week. Very quick updates to the ad and customer service available constantly. Highly recommend.

Scott Dance

(November, 2020)

Within one week of advertising my business, I had received two interested parties. One of which bought. Very pleased with advertising on Rightbiz.

Graham Bray

(August, 2020)

I found the site a very useful aid in selling my business. I was able to download information about my business easily and the finished advert was very professional. I would recommend the site to anyone seriously selling a business. Thank you Rightbiz.

Mason Sanchez

(July, 2020)

Very easy and not too complicated to do. Easy for me to put my business up for sale.