Fish and Chip shop to rent in West Midlands.

Halesowen, West Midlands



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Leasehold: £110,000
Annual Rent: £11,000
Annual Turnover: £150,000

We have a Brilliant fish and Chipshop, with a regular local customer base thats built a good reputation in the area with three bedroom accommodation above, this business is ideal for a full time couple to maximise the potential, the reason for selling is owner is always commuting from home to business with four part time members of staff this shop has much more potential, there is even a high school around the corner which could even make this business more busier and opition to open on Sunday's currently just selling fish, chips, pies, kebabs etc this business has not sold pizzas since opening as operator wishes not to start these additional items to the menu.


Key Features
  • Attractive Business
  • With Car Park
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