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With 19 buyer enquiries, Rightbiz was able to give Nick the phenomenal potential buyers to sell his business. From there, Nick was able to get in contact with interested buyers and provide them with as many details as possible. The 19 buyer enquiries came from the combination of our superior targeted results. We also have targeted qualified buyers through their email address. After doing so, with the Premium advert, the results were exceptional.

1263 buyers have viewed this particular advert

With an impressive 1,263 buyer views, we had to make sure that Nick's Premium advert was placed in front of the right buyers. Through our advanced targeting with the eye-catching Premium advert, getting over 1,200 buyer views was relatively easy and hassle-free.

Nick saved an average of £7,000 in fees.

Nick saved nearly a whopping £7,000 average in fees. At Rightbiz, we're extremely passionate about selling. We believe in providing the most cost-effective packages that deliver a promise of great return on investment. Nick took out the Premium package which is worth £149. With Rightbiz, we do not charge the following:

- No contracts: before or during the sale of your business - hassle free
- No cancellation fees: so cancel whenever you want - hassle free
- No commission fees: after or before the sale of your business - hassle free

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Nick's Premium advert to help make the sale

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Established, cosy coffee shop for sale

Norfolk, England
Price: Available on Request
Located on the edge of the city centre, just off a main route into the city.Trading for 5 years with low overheads and an established customer base.
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  • Close to Local Amenities
  • Attractive Business
  • Established Business
  • Small Business
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Attractive headline

Nick used a simple headline to attract potential buyers. Identifying to potential buyers that he intends to sell a cosy coffee shop which doesn't over complicate a title. Simple, yet effective with a Premium advert.

Eye-catching color

With the use of a Premium advert, Nick was able to use the eye-catching exclusive gold color of the advert to attract as many potential buyers as he can. The Premium advert on average attracts 180% more potential buyers compared to a standard/featured advert.

Bigger image

With the use of bigger images, the Premium advert can attract more potential buyers. Not to mention, images are a must in building trust with potential buyers when they first see your business for sale advert.

Summarised features

Through the use of the key features being listed, Nick was able to summarise the most powerful selling points of his coffee shop. The key features included "Attractive Business", "with car park", "prime location" and "Price Reduced".

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