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With 22 buyer enquiries, Rightbiz was able to give a range of buyers to compete for this amazing business for sale. Once the enquiries were coming in, Aven had the opportunity to provide buyers with a viewing to eventually lead to more offers being made.

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The 524 buyer views came from a mixture of email technology and our results technology which targets qualified buyers based on their interest. With Aven's Premium advert this was able to aid her advert further in amassing 524 buyer views.

Aven saved an average of £5,000 in fees.

Aven saved nearly a whopping £5,000 average in fees. These fees include commision fees, cancellation fees and no contracted agreements. We provide all of our sellers, full control of their advert. Keeping everything hassle free from hidden agreements.

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Coffee Shop and Sandwich Bar for sale in cheadle Manchester

Manchester, England
Price: Available on Request
The business is beautifully presented with a fully fitted kitchen area with a hi spec inventory and customer seating for circa 25 covers. This is an ideal business venture for an enthusiastic owner operator. Prime High Street location.
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  • Established Business
  • Fully Fitted
  • New Lease
  • Central Position in Affluent Village
  • Attractive Business
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Attractive headline

Aven used simple keywords in her Premium advert to attract 22 qualified buyers. Using popular keywords like "Coffee shop" and "Sandwich bar" to entice buyers to view the Premium advert.

Eye-catching color

On average the Premium advert can attract 180% more potential buyers compared to a standard/featured advert. This had helped Aven attract up to 524 buyer views.

Bigger image

Aven uploaded high quality images to her Premium advert. the Premium advert can attract more potential buyers. Not to mention, images are a must in building trust with potential buyers when they first see your business for sale advert.

Summarised features

The Premium's summary feature is extremely useful in summarising your business for sale. Aven was able to display that her business has the following features: "Established Business", "Fully Fitted", "Central Position in Affluent Village" and "New Lease".

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