Armaan Resales

At Armaan Resales, we help our clients build up successful drop shipping businesses designed to operate with 90% automated processes & systems, meaning you will require minimal time input to get maximum results.

Available Nationwide
Minimum Investment: £9,500
Break Even In: 10 months
Training Provided: Yes
No. Of Outlets: N/A
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Founded in 2016, The Company has roots in drop shipping as far back as 2008 and are now using all that experience and knowledge to expand their enterprise. This is where you come onboard.

Drop shipping has been growing, as online shopping has expanded across the globe. With a revenue of $6M in 2020 and a forecast of $15M for 2021, The company is the perfect business partner for budding online entrepreneurs to join and become part of this highly profitable and reputable franchise.

A top brand, highly reputable company, with over 100 employees around the world. They have no time for people looking for ‘quick bucks’ or a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. The company works only with the best of the best; with those interested in sticking around to earn the long-term successes that are, as we all know, the most fulfilling.


As part of the family, you (and we!) can grow much faster and better than you would alone. Each new partner increases our buying power, leading, of course, to better pricing.

This in turn, gives you a competitive pricing advantage over your competition, leading to increased sales and revenues.

All of this means that you can run a profitable online business and give yourself the financial, time and location goals that so many people crave!

Our future plans include:

  • Helping over 1,000 clients from all walks of life achieve their goals.
  • Building a global network of suppliers, manufacturers and distributors operating in most countries.
  • Moving away from the ‘Industrial Age’ and entering the ‘Partnership Age’.

You can be a part of our highly select family and make these ambitions become a reality.


In short, we help our clients build up successful drop shipping businesses designed to operate with 90% automated processes & systems, meaning you will require minimal time input to get maximum results.

We run a highly exclusive operation, allowing only a handful of new applicants to join us every year. Our current numbers run at 450+, meaning each of them gets the attention and assistance they require to reach their full potential.

It’s only those we feel will make truly great partners that we bring into the fold; people who show excellent knowledge and awareness and can interact with others to make them the right kind of dynamic fit for our organisation.

Due to COVID-19, we have observed an increase in sales due to much of our competition being knocked out or remaining closed and our ability to adapt and change to suit the market, thanks to our global network.


We bring much to the table from the start of your relationship with us, including:

  • Regular growth reviews with your designated account manager.
  • Processing and management of orders.
  • Fulfilment, shipment and delivery.
  • Sourcing and negotiating with suppliers.
  • Leveraging network and business relationships.
  • Store development.
  • 5,000+ high-quality products.
  • Product titles and des‌criptions.
  • Listing optimisation.
  • Product images.
  • Client onboarding training.
  • Lifetime support and training.
  • And much more.

Trust Pilot Reviews

Send an enquiry today and see how we have helped our current clients enter a low risk, zero downside business model.


Available Nationwide

Key Details

Minimum Investment: £9,500
Break Even In: 10 months
Training Provided: Yes
No. Of Outlets: N/A


Testimonials for Armaan Resales Franchise

Listed below are some testimonials from people that operate the Armaan Resales Franchise or have used the Armaan Resales business services in the past.

I have only been with Armaan for several months. In this time I have nothing but positive things to say about the company.

I'm someone who is completely new to this industry and my computer skills are very basic so I was extremely sceptical as I thought I may be out of my depth.

I couldn't have been more wrong. Armaan do all the complicated technical work behind the scenes, so the running of the business is made as simple as possible.

True to their word the company provide you with a account manager. Mine is Shubham who has been fantastic! He is literally always there to offer help and guidance and is very knowledgeable.

You do have to put time and effort in on a daily basis, but so long as you keep on top of your orders and follow basic steps you can't go wrong.

Thanks you to Kimberley who done a great job of showing me the vision of Armaan Resales and convincing me to come onboard.

I would recommend Armaan to anyone and I'm looking forward to continuing my journey with them :-)
Stefen McGrath
I was having issues due to me being new, and they went above and beyond to help me every step of the way!
Jovie Urbano
Overall I have had an excellent experience with Armaan Resales and the team. It is a business that requires attention and is constantly improving their processes for the betterment of the clients.

They have been great partners and we continue to be profitable. I would temper expectations as there is so many variables in this space.

One thing I can count on is the team will support you for the success of you're business.

Shout out to my man Jordan at Armaan Resales for the continued support.
David Jung
Working with Armaan Resales has been an absolute pleasure - they are a company that has proven to display a very strong work ethic, an above average commitment to their clients and an overall high level of service. I have been so impressed and because of all these factors, I can recommend them with complete confidence - they most certainly do deliver on their promises.
I look forward to growing my business from strength to strength as I partner with them.
Carey Basson

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