Pub Kitchen To Outsource Welwyn Garden City

Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire



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Asking Price: £20,000

Pub Kitchen To Outsource - Welwyn Garden City.

We are looking for a chef / team to take this on ideally, we can provide the gas, electric, water and minimal rent with a percentage of the sales, this is simply NOT a rent the kitchen and do what you want. We are looking to partner up with someone.

Ideal for an Indian takeaway, Turkish, Thai, Mexican, Gastro Pub, Breakfast Cafe, Lunch.

*Please note that the pub is not included, just kitchen space and benefit of selling food to the pub customers/ functions/ large beer garden, hotel room guests and deliveries.

* £20K Premium.

* £1,500 Monthly Rent Including Bills.

* Timings / Access All To Be Discussed.

Financial Details:
New Lease.

Contact me for more information.


Key Features
  • With Car Park
  • New Lease
  • Fully Fitted
  • Close to Local Amenities
  • Offers Invited
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