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With 14 buyer enquiries, Rightbiz was able to give Mahmud the potential buyers to sell his business. From there, Mahmud was able to get in contact with interested buyers and provide them with as many details as possible. The 14 buyer enquiries came from the combination of our superior targeted results and email alerts. We also have targeted qualified buyers through their email address. After doing so, with the Premium advert, the results were exceptional.

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With an impressive 584 buyer views, we had to make sure that Mahmud's Premium advert was placed in front of the right buyers. Through our advanced targeting and the eye-catching Premium advert, getting over 584 buyer views was relatively easy.

Mahmud saved an average of £4,500 in fees.

Mahmud saved nearly a whopping £4,500 average in fees. At Rightbiz, we're extremely passionate about selling. We believe in providing the most cost-effective packages that deliver a promise of great return on investment for selling your business. Mahmud opted for the Premium package which is worth £149. With Rightbiz, we do not charge the following:

- No contracts: before or during the sale of your business - hassle free
- No cancellation fees: so cancel whenever you want - hassle free
- No commission fees: after or before the sale of your business - hassle free

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Large Commercial Unit to LET in Oldham planning granted for Wedding / Banqueting hall...

Oldham, Manchester
Price: Available on Request
We here have an excellent opportunity. 15,237 sq ft commercial unit to let with planning permission recently granted by Oldham council application no PA/340988/17 for wedding/Banqueting hall for over 1000 people with additional second floor space of appro
More Details »
  • With Car Park
  • Close to Local Amenities
  • Ideal for Full Refurbishment
  • Split Level Trading Area
  • Potential for Alternative Use
  • Planning Consent Available
  • Unique Business
  • Prime Location
  • New Lease
  • Attractive Business
  • Vacant/Empty Premises
  • Currently Closed
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Attractive headline

Mahmud used a stronger headline to attract potential buyers. Identifying to potential buyers that he intends to sell the commercial unit with the potential of becoming a prestigious banqueting hall. A smart marketing technique which instantly grabs the attention of potential buyers.

Eye-catching color

With the use of a Premium advert, Mahmud was able to use the eye-catching exclusive gold color of the advert to attract as many potential buyers as he can. The Premium advert on average attracts 180% more potential buyers compared to a standard/featured advert.

Bigger image

With the use of bigger images, the Premium advert can attract more potential buyers. Not to mention, images are a must in building trust with potential buyers when they first see your business for sale advert - giving the impression that you have nothing to hide and you're willing to be 100% transparent in regards to your business for sale.

Summarised features

Through the use of the key features being listed, Mahmud was able to summarise the most powerful selling points of his commercial unit. The key features included "With Car Park", "Ideal For Full Refurbishment", "Prime Location" and "New Lease".

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