We provide a proven business model for high sales with turnkey solutions and professional performance. Artistic execution of the orders is realised by our team of qualified artists. We have 3 Franchise options, among which is drop-shipping.

Available Nationwide
Minimum Investment: £5,000
Expected Yearly Profit Margin: Year 1 - 30%
No. Of Outlets: 1
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This is an e-commerce brand creating digital and physical portraits using themes from popular cartoons and movies. It's a unique wow product with proven high demand and unlimited market opportunities. Our team consists of experienced artists who create drawings and provide artistic execution of the orders to our future Franchisee. With a minimal investment from 5k euro, You can start earning since the first day of sales. 

Become our Franchisee to be the first one in your country to own a unique and profitable business! Our franchise offer is limited for one franchise per country exclusively. 

Why working with us is more beneficial? 
• high profitability guaranteed by large volume of potential customers 
• professional team of artists and e-commerce specialists 
• immediate launch and sales stars 
• no need for experience, office or special skills 
• minimal investment 5k euro 
• approximate profit margin 20-35% 
• proven business strategy and turnkey solutions 

Our customers are men and women 12-60 years. Our product is selling well as a gift and for personal purposes. Our customers are couples, families, friends, enterprises and companies. 
Minimal investment - from 5000 euro. Approximate profit margin of 20-35%. Estimated turnover 300k-450k euro. Short payback period. 

What do you get: 
Business launch support, full des‌cription of business processes, artistic execution of the orders. Additional: marketing, targeting, technical website support, printing, shipping. 
Contact us to get extended Franchise offer, sign an agreement and start selling. 

For more information please contact us and schedule a call.


Available Nationwide

Key Details

Minimum Investment: £5,000
Expected Yearly Profit Margin: Year 1 - 30%
No. Of Outlets: 1


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