Find fulfilment through growing businesses and changing lives. Leverage your experience and passion for helping others by launching an ActionCOACH franchise. As a franchise partner, you’ll get to transform businesses and lives through coaching.

Available Nationwide
Minimum Investment: £69,000
No. Of Outlets: 200
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ActionCOACH - Business to Business Franchise

ActionCOACH is the only franchise in the UK to be rated both 5-star for franchisee satisfaction and in the Elite Franchise UK Top 10 every year since the accolades began.

ActionCOACH guarantees business owners results within 6 months. But it's not just business growth, it's also wealth creation and personal development to help owners get the life they dreamt of. The same goes for your own ActionCOACH franchise business. The learning never stops, so you can always be at your peak performance in your work life and in your home life. You’ll also join an exceptional community of like-minded business owners who will be there to lend a hand and to celebrate your achievements, you’ll never feel alone again.

The ActionCOACH Training & Support Structure:

  • You’ll attend 10-day ActionCOACH University followed by Step-Up Week to help you kick start your business
  • Over 70+ support days available for you and your team to attend
  • Hands-on support at your first Seminar to get you your first client or two
  • 1-2-1 coaching from your own Coaches’ Coach
  • You can work from home and run your business on your mobile phone / laptop
  • The support and camaraderie of over 200 like-minded people in the UK (it’s a fun community to be part of)
  • One of only 4 franchises to be awarded 5-Star Franchisee Satisfaction status nine years running and named in the Elite Franchise UK Top 10 every year since the accolade began
  • You’ll have access to a guaranteed, highly successful coaching system that also works in your own business
  • A scalable business opportunity
  • Planning and training workshops every quarter
  •   Weekly group coaching from your Skills Coach


Why Business Coaching is becoming a booming industry…

In our most recent client survey of 997 clients, 98% said they would recommend ActionCOACH and 97% said ActionCOACH makes a positive difference to their business.

Looking at business owners in your area, you know that chances are they have built their business because they were an expert in that field. Take PR agencies, for example, these will usually be owned by someone who is outstanding at PR, but does that make them great at managing people, managing finances, sales, marketing, and systems? Probably not. So, this is where ActionCOACH comes into play.

With over 3,500 strategies and tactics to draw on, a multitude of tools to implement in businesses and a community like no other, you and your employed Action Coaches can confidently guarantee your business owner clients extra profits in 6 or 12 months, making a life-changing difference to their lives and their business.

What business assets do you provide?

In return for your £69K investment (includes franchise fee & training) you get your own exclusive territory and the opportunity to build your own £1M+ a year revenue business with outstanding profit margins. You'll need to buy into ActionCOACH's 14-point culture, raise a personal contribution of at least £18k (up to 70% finance is available) and impress our directors with your past successes, your desire to help others and appetite for learning and growth. You and your team will receive world-class training with global, national and local support every step of the way and you'll gain access to over 3,500 strategies and tactics, guaranteed to make businesses successful, including your own!

What services am I going to provide as a Franchisee?

You and/or your employee business coaches will work with business owners, helping them in several areas including teaching them how to increase their profits, develop powerful systems and how to build a strong team. The results are not only a more profitable and sustainable business, but also a dramatically improved life for your client, making it fantastically rewarding and fulfilling – now more than ever we need to ensure every business owner is made aware of this lifeline.

Do you provide clients?

Recent partnerships with over 40 businesses such as Santander, Catax and Vodaphone for business, to name a few, are passing through an incresing amount of referral leads for you. The website is also a lead generation platform.

Who is an ideal ActionCOACH Franchise Partner?

You can have a track record of success in any field, but you must also possess a demonstrable love of learning and helping other people to succeed. We have franchise partners who have joined us from a range of backgrounds from the military to corporate managers. We also have clients who join us after being coached, as now their previous business runs without them!

Your success is our success…

ActionCOACH is in the business of business growth, has developed the best business growth system in the world and has the best team in the world to support business growth… you can use that system and draw on that very same team to grow your own commercial, profitable enterprise which can work with or without you! Interestingly, most of our franchise partners can't ever see themselves leaving, it's just too fulfilling and enjoyable, but it's nice to have the choice.

If you'd like to build a £1M+ business and start making a difference to the businesses and lives of business owners in your local community, get in touch!



Available Nationwide

Key Details

Can I work from home?: Yes you can but you may want (or even need) to move into offices as you grow!
Minimum Investment: £69,000
No. Of Outlets: 200


Testimonials for ActionCOACH Franchise

Listed below are some testimonials from people that operate the ActionCOACH Franchise or have used the ActionCOACH business services in the past.

“I was financially retired, but the more I looked into ActionCOACH, the more I had to do it to help business owners in Bristol survive and thrive. The fact this is an incredible business opportunity is a bonus … I’ve grown my monthly income from £55,000 to £75,000 in the 3 months since lockdown.ActionCOACH is allowing me to leave a legacy of success for business owners today and tomorrow through transforming their business with new knowledge and action.
Gary Keating - ActionCOACH Bristol

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