National Roof Box Hire

Established in 2017 National Roof Box Hire was born out of the huge demand from people looking to HIRE rather than BUY a roof box.We've proven the concept, having run the initial pilot in Cheshire, since developing into Cotswolds and West Midlands.

Available Nationwide
Minimum Investment: £17,500
Break Even In: Year 1
Training Provided: Yes
No. Of Outlets: 3
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The Unique National Roof Box Hire Franchise Opportunity

A Totally Recession Proof and Unique Business with Huge Demand In a Growing Sector Established Over 5 Years…

This is a totally stress tested franchise model where all the marketing he's done for you and we deliver hundreds of high converting leads to your mailbox and phone. we have proven our marketing system over many years and the reality is that we will provide more leads than you can cope with...


“To be honest I was sceptical about the amount of leads that could be generated particularly in an area where roof box hire companies existed already. However Mike showed me the exact leads that had been generated in past years for both the Cheshire and Cotswold Territories and this really did give me the confidence to move forward with the business. And I really didn’t need to be sceptical at all –  the leads rolled in.”

           - Noel Wildman West Midlands Franchisee


And The Numbers are Really Very Impressive…


     o   Working Less Than 300 hours Per Year

     o   Over £ 40,000 Revenue Per Year

     o   An Average of £150 Earnings per hour

     o   Giving You Profit of Up To £30,000 per Year (depending on box numbers)

     o   For The Equivalent of Less Than 45 Full 8 Hour Days


The Rental Business That Just Keeps Giving…

The products we supply are imported from a Leading European manufacturing company. they are TUV and European Crash Tested To the highest possible standard.

One of the really great facets of this business is the fact that after just two rentals the roof box and bars are paid for and you can rent these out in years to come many many times over. 

Being able to sweat your assets in this way produces an exceptionally profitable business model that can be very easily built upon in the coming years.


Your 100% Totally Unsecured Government Start Up Loan Scheme – Now Absolutely No Financial Barrier To Entry…

We have teamed up with Smorgasbord the UK’s leading Government Start Up Loan Consultancy. They produce your Business Plan, Profit and Loss and Cashflow Projections working with you at every stage of the application process. This is completely Free of Charge and they have an exceptionally high Success Rate.


Professional Training and Support…

We have developed a high quality training course at Head Office and a suite of video tutorials. This is backed by a support team who are there to answer all and every question you have. We have successfully trained numerous technicians over many years.


Exceptional Customer Retention Levels…

Your business model which is built around providing stellar service and high quality guaranteed products with an effortless customer journey will certainly be very much welcomed by your customers and you will become totally invaluable to your customers for many years to come. they will also become active advocates of yours referring you to friends family and colleagues


A Recession Proof Market and Little Competition

The reality is that the majority of people are not aware that roof box hire is even possible. our marketing very much pinpoints this demographic and you will have very happy customers clambering to hire a roof box and bars that could cost them upwards of £500.


You may find that there is someone in your area that currently hires roof boxes but with our marketing service and expertise you will soon rise to become the premier brand in your area. We can vouch for this with our experience in Cheshire the West Midlands and the Cotswolds. 


Great Earnings and Profitability…


With anticipated earnings up to £30,000 Year One (depending on box stock). Your business is still very much part time and one that can be run alongside other business commitments. And of course with the hourly rate being so high it is more than feasible to employ technicians to carry out the work.


Our  Exceptional Franchise Blueprint Will Grow Your Business Quickly and Profitably…


     o   100% Unsecured Government Funding Available

     o   PROVEN To Generate Hundreds of Hi Converting Leads to Your Inbox

     o   High and Very Quick Return on Investment

     o   Very low Overheads

     o   Exceptionally Profitable Rental Model

     o   Excellent Cash Flow

     o   Website and Social Media Set Up

     o   Automated Hire Software 

     o   Specialist insurance

     o   Company Set Up, Accounting and Tax Professionally Handled For You

     o   Long Term Customer Retention 

     o   A Totally Recession Proof Business

     o   Customer Referral Programmes in Place

     o   Full In Depth Technical Training and On Going Support

     o   A Dedicated Support Team

     o   A Fully Protected Large Scalable Territory

     o   Ongoing Technical Updates  and Support

     o   An Ethical and Honest Approach 


Our Ideal Franchisees…

Please understand we are looking for serious business people to develop hugely profitable businesses in their area. 

You need to be an ethical and honest communicator who is prepared to follow our Partner Blueprint which we know will guarantee very quick and ongoing profitability


For immediate access to our highly informative Website and Prospectus including; case studies, your projected earnings report, franchise package, customer testimonials and much more, Fill out the Contact Francise Form below.



Available Nationwide

Key Details

100% Government Funding Available: Yes
£7,000 Worth of Starter Stock: Yes
Earn over £150 per hour: Yes
Minimum Investment: £17,500
Break Even In: Year 1
Training Provided: Yes
No. Of Outlets: 3


Testimonials for National Roof Box Hire Franchise

Listed below are some testimonials from people that operate the National Roof Box Hire Franchise or have used the National Roof Box Hire business services in the past.

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