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Krave turns your empty restaurant in to a bustling digital food hall serving a selection of our most popular dishes created by Michelin starred chefs and branded for a digitally savvy consumer.We keep it fresh by constantly inno- vating - when a brand sto

Available Nationwide
Minimum Investment: £15,000
Training Provided: Yes
No. Of Outlets: 10
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The history of Kbox (kitchen in a box) at the start reads like any other restaurant story. It’s rooted in the real challenges we faced in growing our own Absurd Bird restaurants across the UK. During this time we saw first-hand how hard it is to keep a food business alive. 

But from our flagship site in Spitalfields, London, we began testing deliveries, winning customers over with our innovative menu and quickly realised that delivery would expand our reach.

Way before the pandemic waved its chaotic wand over the food industry, Kbox founder Salima Vellani could see that one brand in one location wasn’t going to cut it for the delivery market. But, rather than build more remote kitchens, she realised that working with underused commercial kitchens was the answer, and Kbox was born.

Kbox is now building the world’s largest network of virtual kitchens, connected via the intelligent use of data to power a sophisticated ecosystem of marketing, logistics, operations and customer satisfaction.

The team – from Michelin-award winning chefs and food scientists to data and branding wizards  – has unparalleled breadth and expertise in technology, food development, branding, celebrity partnerships and marketing


Available Nationwide

Key Details

Minimum Investment: £15,000
Training Provided: Yes
No. Of Outlets: 10


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