Scamps & Champs

Here at Scamps & Champs we deliver a high end pet sitting, dog walking and pet care business and over the last 11 years we have assisted pet owners across the UK.

Available Nationwide
Minimum Investment: £9,995
Break Even In: 12 months
Training Provided: Yes
No. Of Outlets: 6
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Our franchise is available full or part time and can create income related to your own goals and desires.   Whether you want to take on the work yourself or employ a full time to help you scale the business up and become even more profitable, Scamps & Champs is a business that will fit around your lifes‌tyle to help you achieve a better work-life balance whilst building your very own business that you can enjoy.

  • No Experience Necessary
  • Full Training Given
  • Constant Ongoing Support
  • Flexible Opportunity
  • Work from home
  • Van not necessary


We are passionate about every area of the Scamps & Champs business and look for the same in our franchisees.   


We know that for any business to be a success, building long term relationships is essential.  That is why many of our systems and processes have been designed to free up time to focus on what is important - building relationships.


Being multi pet owners ourselves, we know how important pets are to their owners.  We are also savvy business people so recognised that for pet owners to keep using us time and time again, we need to provide a first class service.


Our franchisees have hundreds of clients that use their services and new pet owners enquiring every single day.  Because we are committed to our franchisees continual growth, we have a comprehensive marketing strategy that our franchisees benefit from.

Linda Cantle, Director of Pet & Owner Support Services at Wood Green, The Animals Charity confirms:  

“Demand for pets over the past few months has soared. Enquiries increased by more than 253% during lockdown and over 20,000 people contacted Wood Green about getting a new pet between April and June – more than half of which were for dogs. This sudden surge in demand has been felt across the sector, with charities and breeders inundated with hopeful, prospective pet owners.”%u202F 

If you have dreamed of being your own boss, working the hours that suit, working from home, have a genuine love of pets and have the capabilities of managing a team of dog walkers, dog carers and customers, then make sure you do not miss this fantastic chance of owning a Scamps & Champs branch in your local area.

We are looking for someone who has the drive and passion to run a successful business and wants to grow the business to its full potential.



Available Nationwide

Key Details

Experience Required: No
Minimum Investment: £9,995
Break Even In: 12 months
Training Provided: Yes
No. Of Outlets: 6


Testimonials for Scamps & Champs Franchise

Listed below are some testimonials from people that operate the Scamps & Champs Franchise or have used the Scamps & Champs business services in the past.

When I decided to put my application in to take over the Fareham branch of Scamps and Champs, I as nervous as it was something I had never done before.

I am an avid animal lover and enjoy walking my dogs but at the at the time, I was an estate agent so had no idea what I was getting in to.

Since joining the Scamps team over a year ago, John and Leslie have been exceptionally supportive and helpdful.
No question too stupid and no time a bad time to call!

I have learnt so much over the past year and feel I now get true job satisfaction which is something not a lot of people can honestly say.

I carried out extensive research before choosing Scamps and Champs as the franchise I wanted to buy. I chose Scamps and Champs as the process was clear and communication was excellent. Firstly I signed up to receive the franchise information pack which included lots of really useful information, and then I was contacted by the recruitment team. Before making my decision I had numerous, lengthy (and I mean lengthy as I had LOTS of questions!) conversations with the same member of the recruitment team. This was very helpful and essential. This was a very big decision for me and I need to make sure that my decision was the right one. Once I felt Scamps and Champs was right for me I completed an application form and this, along with a business case formulated by the Scamps and Champs recruitment team, was passed to the franchisor Lesley for approval.

I was pleased that my application to proceed was approved and my Scamps and Champs territory and training dates were confirmed. The franchise agreement was drawn up, the deposit paid and the boarding process completed.

All of this describes a little bit about the process but the most important factor in all this is WHY I CHOSE SCAMPS AND CHAMPS. Well, the reason why I chose to become part of the Scamps and Champs franchise team was because I care about the well-being of pets and wanted a career in the pet-care industry. Making a living is important but the most important thing to me is the welfare of the pets. It was clear to me that Lesley and her business partner John are absolute animal lovers. It was also clear that they have years of pet care experience and offered all the support needed to franchisees with a structured support package. They are honest and clear in what they feel is needed to run a successful Scamps and Champs branch.

After searching for some time for a suitable way of fulfilling my dream job of caring for animals I stumbled upon Scamp & Champs.

The franchise has helped me realise my ambition to run my own premier pet company. Lesley & John are passionate about Scamps & Champs and have supported all my ideas with support and guidance.
I've always loved having pets around and love walking dogs so I knew I wanted a job like this. I was employed by Scamps & Champs for 4 years and loved going out, meeting new people, walking their dogs and taking care of their pets for them while they were at work or on holiday.
Jeanette Harding joined the Scamps & Champs franchise network in 2015. Having worked for a large corporation previously, Jeanette was ready for a new challenge and was looking for a more flexible working life.
“Working with animals is something I’ve always wanted to do – when I was younger I wanted to be a vet or a dog groomer but I didn’t have the qualifications and, at the time, working with animals wasn’t really considered to be a career.”

“Franchising was a good option for me because I wanted to run the business properly. If I wanted to do a few dog walks for a bit of pocket money I would have done it myself but I wanted to make a profit. I’m 56 now and I wanted the backup of an established company, support and the ability to build up a database of dog walkers and home boarding families so that as I get older I can still run the business but others will do the leg work for me. It’s my pension fund and my retirement plan.”
I left my previous job because I didn’t have any sort of work-life balance. If the Head Teacher wasn’t in school, I would have to stay and look after the children who hadn’t been collected and there were some who might not be collected until 10 o clock at night! I work a lot now but I enjoy it. I was under a lot of pressure and I wanted a better lifestyle and to do something I enjoyed.”

“I chose franchising because I’m completely new to being self-employed and so I wanted a model that I knew was working for other people and has structures and support in place. Franchising has also allowed me to hit the ground running and get ahead of where I would have been on my own. It’s really helped to have a company Facebook page and website which look very professional and the great reviews have also helped!”
Hi I’m Katrina, I joined Lesley and John at Scamps and Champs back last year and set up in Cardiff.

I had looked at several other pet care franchises over a period of time but kept being drawn back to Scamps and Champs, there was just something about them that appealed to me.

What I like about Lesley and John is that they are so down to earth and they started from the grass roots upwards. In doing so they have met every challenge along the way in building up their brand; and what this means to me as a franchisee is that I know that I can go to them with total confidence whatever my issue - they are very approachable and have a wealth of experience in animal care.

Scamps and Champs provide such a great package to start you off, and the ongoing support and training is second to none.

They have really helped me to get the best out of my experience, I am really pleased that I joined Scamps and Champs.


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