Small Boutique Hair Salon in Barnet North London For Sale £50K Huge potential Very Low rent No rates

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Leasehold: £50,000

If you are looking for a great opportunity then look no further. It should be stated at this time this salon is not a blue rinse salon. We do not have hood dryers or oap prices. The salon is quality with emphasis on good service. Our reputation bears this fact both in the community(constant recommendations) and online with independent reviews. The Salon is located in a wealthy area just seconds from the High street. We opened the business almost 10 years ago and its a fantastic under utilised opportunity as the owwner only works part time.

Financial- 65K Turnover(part time)

Rent £775 per month


All our clients and appointments are run through £2500 software which enables you to record earnings, market instantly via sms and email. This software is considered to be the best on the market and when you have the odd quiet day you can sms 100'S of clients and fill your day. It offers over 100 different reports and records all earnings, clients, commissions, products etc... This will be included in the sale.

The Salon-

Cosy, bespoke and professional. The salon is decorated tastefully and has an Italian Pietranera backwash with massage built in. The back room is compact and hosts a bathroom and well organised office area and colour mixing station with sink, fridge and tea and coffee making facilities. As mentioned before two rooms downstairs.



If there is one single reason for our success it would have to be our clients loving the "Hair miles' loyalty system. We gave bespoke loyalty key tags offering points on services which has proved very successful without the need for losing lots off money.


As mentioned we use software designed to generate more sales. We have barely even touched the surface as the system can marry up with Facebook and twitter automatically posting positive reviews constantly. We have a website with high rankings with the feature to book online-all automated. We also have paid for seo and now rank on the first page of google for important local keywords. Also for a small amount per month we are at the very top of page one when we use ppc as this has proved very profitable.


We have two part time staff and the salon is open six days per week. The owner works three days. The other staff member works 2.5 days and has been at the salon since the very beginning almost 10 years ago. There is massive potential we have not marketed or advertised in years.

Reason For sale-

The owner has been hairdressing for over 30 years and has been having problems for over a year now with her wrists. This has been diagnosed as carpel tunnel and is going to require an operation at some stage. Having built this great business she would now like to let this be her exit from the profession. She is happy to potentially work a few months to hand over or even stay part time for a short term if that is preffered.

Sale Price-£50,000 ITS PRICED TO SELL-

Please do not waste our time or yours. This is extremely fair considering the owner is only working part time. In the right hands this has HUGE potential. We have barely touched the sides on growth.


Please do not contact the salon directly. My husband is dealing with all initial enquiries. Thank you for your interest.

Key Features
  • Small Business
  • Established Business
  • Town Centre location
  • Prime Location
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