Well Equipped & Popular Gift Shop in Lincolnshire

Louth, Lincolnshire



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Leasehold: £65,000
Annual Turnover: £93,292
Annual Net Profit: £28,826

    This is a unique opportunity to acquire a well-equipped and highly popular gift shop, which has a prime location in the bustling market town of Louth, in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

    This long-standing business was first established in 2010 and has grown significantly since its creation, whilst also gaining an excellent reputation and a loyal customer base in the local community.

    The shop prioritises providing their customers with an extensive and unique range of beautiful gifts, including stunning handmade jewellery, adorable children’s clothing, attractive toys, lovely home décor, and much more.

    The most popular brands in stock are sought-after companies, such as Wrendale Designs, Gisela Graham, Sophie Allport, Hultquist, Pilgrim, and Joma Jewellery, just to name a few. Due to this large offering, the shop has the perfect gifts to suit all occasions and a wide variety of tastes.

    Over the years, the shop has developed excellent relationships with the suppliers of their quality products, which could normally be hard to attain for a new buyer.

    With huge potential for growth and equipment included, this successful business would be the perfect opportunity for someone enthusiastic, who would enjoy helping customers find beautiful gifts. The business is for sale on either a leasehold or freehold basis. Please note the figures advertised are for year end 2019.
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    INT1734 / Rightbiz
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