Convenience Store in Nottinghamshire

Kimberley, Nottinghamshire



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R05713 / Rightbiz
Leasehold: £59,950
Annual Turnover: Not Applicable
Annual Net Profit: Not Applicable

    This is a long-established and traditional convenience store which has been trading effectively since its inception in 1985.

    Selling a wide range of daily consumables to the local inhabitants at cost-effective prices. It also trades as a newsagent, offering a selection of newspapers and magazines as well as cigarettes & tobacco, confectionary items greeting cards and is an e-cig product specialist. The store also offers a Hermes and Collect Parcel shop, a Paypoint, National Lottery service, Western Union and photocopy services

    A new buyer is presented a solid platform which has low overheads, good cash flow and great scope for further expansion.

    The vendor would be happy to considered offers above £59,950 + stock
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    R05713 / Rightbiz
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