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Big Opportunity in the Middle Of Ashford, Kent

Ashford, Kent



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Big Opportunity in the Middle Of Ashford Kent.

The business was opened on 24 August only bar side was opened just to sell alcohol while waiting permission for shisha lounge. The kitchen was not opened at all. At present we are building the shisha lounge area (with automatic tent further details can be provided) so we have closed the premises until the Grand Opening. The turnover was £2.500 per week. There is opportunity to make your own kitchen which you believe it will work.

We have been asked about the shisha many times from the social media as well while was waiting for permission so peoples are interested in shisha in this town..

Permitted closing times is(can be extended);

Monday till 11 pm.

Tuesday till 11 pm.

Wednesday till 11 pm.

Thursday till one am.

Friday till two am.

Saturday till two am.

Sunday till 11 pm.

Next door is the only night club in Ashford(Cameo) at present so it effects in good way. Also the Train Station and bus stop is near.

We are also providing Sky&Bt sports and you have an option to show two individual sport at the same time. We have eight TVs in restaurant part and eight TVs in the bar side,16ch 4K cctv, high quality sound system, Philips Hue interior lightning and selective colour exterior lightning.


Other opportunity is, this place also includes house in multiple occupations including;

12 Rooms (4 single and eight double rooms),

2 Kitchens (1 of them is doubled kitchen),

4 Toilet & three shower (currently building one more shower and toilet and if needed some of the rooms can be en-suite as well. )

Currently rented out eight rooms two of them is waiting for carpet, painting and rest has just done, and the other two used for personal storage also sometimes sold as a b&b. From upstairs you can pay the rent easy and if you make b&b you can earn much more.


The big opportunity is the location, it is on very busy main road so you have advertising advantage, also place can be seen from all of the sides of the traffic lights and definitely over 2000 car passes every day. The Ashford International Train Station is just 100 yards, that means potential European and UK customers(we had b&b customers from France). Ashford college is in front of the place.


Rent: £60.000pa.


For further information please get in contact.


Thank you.


Key Features
  • Potential for Alternative Use
  • Planning Consent Available
  • With Car Park
  • Unique Business
  • Town Centre location
  • With Accommodation
  • Central Position in Affluent Village
  • Attractive Business
  • Offers Invited
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