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47508 / Rightbiz
Freehold: £850,000
• Boodee Beg Cattery is well established with a license for 56 cats trading since 2006 situated in semi-rural area in Isle of Man in approximately 1-acre of land.
• A incredible lifestyle changing opportunity with annual income over £60,000 with good profits.
• The standard and lowest rate of income tax is 10%, also there is no company tax in Isle of Man.
• Beautifully 1930's modern 5 bedroom, 2 story property near the coast, in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Well established cattery licensed for 56 cats situated in semi-rural area of lsle of Man. Enviable reputation with neatly presented, well maintained facilities. Spacious detached family home consisting of five double bedrooms and set within c. 1 acres of land. Valuable freehold property for an incredible lifestyle change. 47508

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47508 / Rightbiz
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