Established Nursery School in N14 for sale perfect for a small group expansion or first time buyer.

Enfield, London



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Asking Price: £50,000

Lovely part time nursery school open from 8-1pm Monday to Friday.

Fully furnished by present owner. Staffed and growing monthly.

Currently for sale due to the owners other interests being too far away.

Ideal as an add on business for a small chain or as a first time purchase for an eager owner / operator.

Name of nursery will need to be changed upon sale of business as the nursery is currently part of an existing chain.

Very spacious premises for 40 children, kitchen and garden facilities with an upstairs space as well.

Furnished to a very attractive standard the nursery has seen excellent growth under the current ownership and all safety measures are fully in place.

The nursery is a pack away daily and the hall is shared by many different groups. But the nursery enjoys good relations with them all and no issues exist between any of the users.

There is a large car park on site and storage sheds.

The setting is for sale due to its location being too far away for the owners other interests.


We are very keen to see the business go to someone who will nuture it and take it to the next level as it has so much potential.

Please contact us for further details.



Key Features
  • Close to Local Amenities
  • Established Business
  • Prime Location
  • With Car Park
  • Offers Invited
  • Small Business
  • Attractive Business
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