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We design, build and program artificial intelligence / chat robotics for all online gaming software and work with the top brands within this field.


There are hundreds of misconceptions and rumours about bots around, including what they are, how they work.


Chat bots are nothing new. The concept of artificial opponents was originally developed for the game of chess. Over time, programmers were able to create computerised opponents that can defeat the world’s greatest chess-playing humans. With our software we do not promise you overnight riches, if you are looking to make a fortune overnight? Then our software will not be for you. We do though offer moderate daily profits which will give you a good daily / weekly / yearly earning., in-fact we are the only business that guarantees profits over the long term.


Nowadays, Online gaming has become a billion-dollar business. You can make money by sitting at home, it’s like a thriller game. Playing games has turned into an ordinary thing for many individuals everywhere throughout the world. People became rich by playing the World Tour and similar tournaments & make their way to begin their own rendition of tournaments. Practised players as well as freshers, spending a lot of time & money to win jackpots worth of millions. The emerging technology increased the chance of winning even more by providing the new players a software called a Bot.


No doubt, everyone is playing online gaming to make money. If you are new, you should win small pots on a daily basis in low limit games. This is the best strategy to play as a fresh & a smart way to make money. Slow and Steady wins the game. Any player can win money consistently using a bot if a strategy is developed that contains research, patience, knowledge and a strong desire to win.


Brief History of robotics


Are you someone who is intrigued by design? Nowadays, nearly every action relies on a technological advance that took place in the last twenty years. If you do not keep up with the latest advancements in engineering and robot powered items, then you may be left behind. So, stay up to date on the most vital aspects of our lives that have become powered by robots and state of the art technology.


Artificial intelligence is no longer a dream of the past. It has evolved into a feature on almost all our daily activities. Smart phones and smart televisions are just the beginning of what is accessible for our personal use, even though artificial intelligence has been at the core of our economy for a relatively long time.


If you keep browsing, you will learn about the technological advances that you would not have known about, as well as the best ways that you can take advantage of smart technology in your home. Do not miss out, and have fun reading about the fast paced and quick moving technological era by keeping tabs on this page!


Machines, robots and computer engineering have all been at the forefront of our modern economy. Artificial intelligence refers to any machine or device that can manipulate or adapt to the surrounding environment. In this adaptation, there is an element of learning or problem solving handed independently by the machine without human intervention. Artificial intelligence has been a topic of many debates about the fast-paced advances occurring in the robotic and mechanic industry.


Several industries are taking on the task of creating a robot with artificial intelligence to perform a number of tasks. General intelligence, the combination of learning, knowledge, planning, creativity and social skills, is one of the overall goals of most scientists but many are focused on much simpler, individuated tasks. Some industries like delivery networks with scheduled content releases, strategic games that react to a players move and self-driving cars that can parallel park on their own are just some examples of artificial intelligence used in today’s society.


The scientific community believes that there is enough knowledge about human learning and behaviour that it can be simulated using recent technological advances. Although, there is a significant amount of knowledge about the way people think, feel and behave, there is a fear in the community about giving machines the power to act upon such instincts.


Would machines have a moral compass? Are robots subject to evil behaviours? Could a group of robots out number humans and take over? These questions are not just movie topics but legitimate concerns from the general population about artificial intelligence. Is it possible that humans could create a technology more perfect than itself, with the ability to adapt to its environment and learn from its mistakes while acting strategically? Would robots lack the instincts that make us imperfect? Would that render them more powerful? Only time will tell when it comes to the amazing advances happening with artificial intelligence and robotics.


The slow matriculation of robots into gaming operations is starting to scare workers. Some fear their jobs may be in jeopardy are starting to use robots for tasks normally reserved for humans, such as hospitality, security, and dealing cards.


Higher-end hotels are using robots to deliver items, like toothpaste and towels to guests. In Temecula, Pechanga Resort took it a step further last month by adding two robots to its security detail. According to a study, more than 36,000 positions could go to robotic workers by the year 2026.


Bloomberg reports that a firm in Hong Kong introduced a robotic dealer that could revolutionise the gaming industry. Paradise Entertainment’s robot can deal much faster than humans. Eventually, the robot will speak different languages and recognise faces.


Technology is changing the landscape of gaming by introducing robots that can work faster than humans. There have been a few problems, including an incident involving one robot that tripped a toddler. Workers are hoping that robots will serve to aid, not replace

It wouldn’t be fair to have a conversation about robotics without including the gaming industry. Gaming and online platforms have developed alongside the rise of technology and the industry has grown exponentially. Computer programming is integrated into the core of machine gaming and online gaming has never been more exciting. The options are endless with gaming since the technology has advanced and allowed gaming to take on an entirely new look.

The core of gaming is luck, but experts know the secrets and algorithms are at the core of almost every style of gaming today. Although, you can access games online and there have been algorithms created for those games, playing at a table with a card dealer is the only way to avoid computer programming in the gaming industry.


These algorithms are often referred to as robots as they control the outcome of a game play. The computer will make a choice on what will happen during the game depending on the order, sequence and pattern of the game play. These gaming robots have allowed gaming sites to elaborate on the complexity of their systems. Progressive jackpots, pay tables, symbols and pay lines have all been created since the integration of robots in gaming systems. You’ll find robots within every style of gaming


What exactly are bots, and how do they work?

Today, there are so many different ways to play online gaming which is really fantastic for the card lover, especially those who do not get such easy access to gaming rooms. No matter what time of day or night the bug hits, players will for sure be able to find a great gaming rooms through which to play their favourite game. In addition, there are a ton of different varieties out there today, including the latest and increasingly popular, online bots. The difference with online software and other forms of online gaming is that the computer does the work for you! With online bots the player can just sit back and let the software win the game, without having to worry about how to get the royal flush or the next best move in their game.


The way online bots got its name was because the software is like a robot (short for bots), enabling the player to run the gaming software which will make all the decisions for him or her and actually plays the game. Playing online software is no less fun; it is rather just a different kind of fun, and perhaps somewhat less challenging and thus maybe more appealing for the player who just wants to sit back and play. Online bots is like playing on auto-play and one can program it to tell them the best moves to make (depending on which version of online software one chooses to use).


As such, one of the great advantages of online bots is the money that can be made as the computer software is likely to be more in tune with moves than the average player. So, for anyone who wants to enjoy the fun of gaming but have more success of making money



In the early days, whatever bots did exist were probably disproportionately relegated to limit games, since the strategy for these games is restricted to general rules which could be objectively coded. No-limit hold 'em, on the other hand, would be an arena that would be much more difficult to create objective rules for. Furthermore, no -limit hold 'em is a game where many players probably didn't even have the skills to beat the game, let alone have the computer skills to convert the wisdom into computer code.


In the earlier days of online gaming (back in the mid-2000s), I don't think that bots were something to spend your time worrying about. Many of these players losing players loved to claim the online rooms were filled with bots, but this simply wasn't true.


The Legalities


You are not taking money directly from an online card site - With online gaming the site takes a percentage cut of each game (pot) played, thus all winnings are generated from the players and not directly from the site itself. Therefore how, who and how much a player wins on a daily basis is no concern to the gaming site. The more money won, the more the online gaming earns.


Typically, online rooms (sites) generate the bulk of their revenue through the "rake".


Rake is the scaled commission fee taken by a card room operating a game. It is generally 2.5 to 10 percent of the pot in each hand, up to a predetermined maximum amount. There are also other non-percentage ways for a gaming site to take the rake. Some cardrooms will not take a percentage rake in any community card game like Texas hold'em when a hand does not have a flop. This is called "no flop, no drop". This is a player-versus-player game, and the house does not wager against its players, so this fee is the principal mechanism to generate revenues.


It is primarily levied by an establishment that supplies the necessary services for the game to take place. In online gaming it covers the various costs of operation such as support, software and personnel. The rake in live games is generally higher than for online.


Therefore, our robot and our software and programs run 100% safely and undetectable





Another type of bots are "player bots" used by players to simply make money. Online rooms have strict rules against the usage of bots. These are the most basic of bot and they require a code written program to make them play. Programs can be tailored to mimic a players personal requirements.


AI - House Bots (Codename: Mitnick)


Another type is artificial intelligence bots. These are server-based bots and we have reversed engineered software mainframe severs that online house bots use and with IRC gives the bots an advantage of knowledge of games and dealings. These are used to ensure that the house bots do not lose funds. (Please refer to our house bots section below)


Reverse engineers enables our developers / programmers to add new feature to existing software / mainframes servers with or without knowing the source code or access passwords.


How our server programs work using Reverse engineering and IRC robotics: (designed for the online gaming build house bots)


House bots


House bots are used to fill games, since being a successful host of games is based on providing plenty of liquidity (i. E. plenty of games to choose form).


House bots which are programs to beat the player are unfair, but bots which are programmed to lose money, or even break even could be considered ethical. Many brick & mortar establishments use their own employees called shills who play with house money to fill up games. B&M establishments though, are sometimes required to identify shills, if asked. I doubt online rooms would be so open about identify house bots, even if asked. This would simply fuel the paranoia about online gaming being rigged. Many gaming rooms would probably decline to use bots for this reason, even if they could employ them.


The gaming site ask us to install house bots mainly on freeroll and tournament tables and connect them directly into their card servers. Connecting (TALKING) directly into their card servers from the backend means we can program them to lose and win as they receive knowledge of each hand milliseconds before they are dealt and remember what been dealt and which player it was dealt too. These house bots are used to encourage players to join tables and 99% of the sites ask us to set their house bots to ensure it loses and leaves the table asap, though it can be set to ensure the bot wins or folds when it knows it cannot win. We have reversed engineered these bot to connect to the servers through the front end too.


There are four types of robotic software interfaces we use


(1) Auto play Robotic interface for coded programs

(2) Auto play background – server connection robotic interface

(3) IOS App – Server connection

(4) Android App – Server connection


Programs Available: All programs are designed for all Omaha or Hold’em 1p/2p and 2p/4p cash 6, nine or 10 player tables. Six coded robot interfaces can be ran at the same time on six different table. You can run two different programs per day at the same time (i. E. : four x Lamo and two Poulsen)





Basic coded (uses robot interface one above):

£1.25-£1.50 per robot (x6) per hour

- Plays for six hours a day (Max 10 hours)


POULSEN (Libratous):

Self-coding and self-correcting (uses robot interface one above):

£1.60- £1.75 per robot (x6) per hour

– Plays for six hours a day (Max 10 hours)



Server Based -reverse engineered- (uses robot interface 2,3 or four above) – Three versions available.


Windows based version:

Guaranteed daily profit when connected to Mitnick server is £200 per day. The software will automatically shut off when it hits £200 profit on each of the tables it is running on. The Mitnick plays a minimum of six tables at the same time splitting the profits between each. Once the software hits the set limit for the day, the software firstly sits out and then leaves the table and then closes the site down.


The software varies the total amounts it shuts down at the end of each session. The Mitnick software replicates human players 100%, it also engages in chat at the table, varies patterns depending on the hands it holds, they vary the sizing, do not use uncommon lines, varies the play timings on each hand played, auto changes the reading of the table if the gaming site randomly makes small changes to the screen display and if a Captcha box appear the software can read and tick the required boxes. Mitnick runs for between one and three hours per day.


Wozniack Software


This software come included within all our robotic software. It automatically finds and opens tables for you. This is an automated tool for selecting, joining and opening cash tables, Sit N Go and multi-table tournaments based on the various criteria which has been pre-set. It will find the tables you want, resister into the game and attach a robotic to the table when play begins. Wozniack schedules game play to play at certain hours of the day for up to 120 months of programming. At the end of each games it will email the results directly to you. When the stack size (profits) grows to a defined threshold, the Wozniack software will sit you out of the games and then close down the table for you until the next game.


For more information and a copy of the information PDF please contact us.

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