Seller Finance to Sell my Business

4th October 2019 by

Seller Finance to Sell my Business

We go into a lot of detail on our website via the following link regarding Seller Finance. So if you want to understand this further please go here:

For a Brief Understanding, please see the following:

You may come across this term as "Earn-Out" or "Vendor Finance". These all esssentially mean the same thing.

So what do these terms entail?

In a sentence, the Seller will be essentially/in effect offering the Buyer a loan. As with a standard loan you as the Seller would receive a down payment followed by the remaining balance spread over a period of time. 

Seller Finance is always an option for any company wishing to explore a Sale but please bare in mind this is not the only road to take. Seller Finance is in no way the ideal choice from the Sellers perspecitve as quite often a Seller will be seeking an outright Sale.

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