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9th July 2019 by

As we recently saw the end of Q2, the half way point of the calendar year, and the longest day of our year Friday 21st June has come and gone, we thought we would take a sneaky peak at the year so far, what's hot, and where in the UK?

Great news, not even a mention of the 'B' word in this article, as apparently we are 'leaving' on October the 31st, are we not? 

Monitoring trends across the towns, cities and regions, and paying attention not only to what we have sold recently, and where, but also some other useful information we have to hand that gives us an idea of the hot spots of the UK, the biggest growers and movers, the places where we are most requested by buyers to keep an eye out, when we have nothing For Sale in that location for them at the time. Locations where business growth is clearly taking place, and specifically office space, workstations, and the request for more of the same, are a regular daily cycle. 

Workstation requests and office take up, are a great indicator of the general health and potential growth of a particular location. Thinking of the sectors we are most active in here at Baker Payne, with the above office take up comes a wider need, more sandwich bars, restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, small food businesses and catering rounds, more grab and go retail businesses, more green space and 'al fresco' operations with a smattering of local independent ice cream or burger stand thrown in for good measure. The point is, if we were looking to open a small business and needed a pointer on the best location, I would look at these indicators, where is the most office growth, where are there most bums on seats being sat, where are the big corporate firms and larger operations seeking spaces to let, hubs, and taking up office space to work from? 

And so to the list, not definitive, but just our opinion based of some stats and research to the half year. But it is a great measure, and makes interesting reading pre 'Brexit' and despite 'Brexit' (sorry, we said it twice) 

Is a desired location near you on the list? 

OUR TOP 20 Run Down ... the fastest growing locations to be in 

1) Brighton & Hove, South East | 2) Trafford, Manchester | 3) Edinburgh, Scotland | 4) Bristol, South West | 5) Stockport, Greater Manchester | 6) The Wirral, Merseyside Generally | 7) Glasgow, Scotland | 8) Leeds, Yorkshire | 9) South Gloucestershire Generally | 10) Manchester City Centre | 11) Cardiff, South Wales | 12) Sefton, Merseyside | 13) Reading, Berkshire | 14) Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire | 15) Chester, Cheshire | 16) Liverpool City Centre | 17) Sheffield City Centre | 18) Derby, Derbyshire | 19) Warrington, Cheshire | 20) Bournemouth, Dorset (Hampshire pre 1997)

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