The Secrets To A Successful Sale At The Best Price

26th May 2016 by

1. Successful sellers tend to be well prepared for the sale. They've spruced their business up, got all their records in order, have been working on the exit for a long time.

2. They know what buyers want. They've realise that a business heavily reliant on the owner's skills is just not attractive to investors. They show profit, they show growth, they show a tight ship. They've fashioned their business to appeal to what buyers are typically looking for.

3. They understand valuation. They appreciate it's not about a formula or "multiples" and free valuations provided by brokers are often not worth the ether they're written on. They know that the headline price means nothing, it's about the deal.

4. They know how to sell businesses. It's not just that they know how to sell but that they know how to sell businesses. Selling a business is not like selling most goods / services. Successful sellers either have the skill or use a trusted business agent or broker.

5. If they're using a professional to assist, they know how important it is to choose carefully, especially in this market where very little is what it seems.

Wishing you all success with your sale.

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