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Ladies Workout Express Double Hydraulic Cuircit 24 Station Gym 30 Minute Fitness Equipment

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A little History I bought these when I lived in the USA and opened up my first Gym in California. I was doing extremely well and then the crunch my husband got made redundant and we were given One Months stay in the USA. Has I had a house to sell I did not have time to sell my gym equipment so I ended up bringing it home to the UK with me. The idea was to open a New Ladies Fitness Centre Here. But it never happed due to I will admit a shortage of money and I have so many other things going on right now I do not have the time to keep to my plans. Which is such a pity! ! There are several gyms in the North of England that are paying for franchiser's for Ladies Workout Express
(Check out Ladies Workout Express for the UK)
So they have to go. I have upped my old website so you can see the machines working www. Gymexpress. Co. Uk

(Please take a look)

I have had several offer to buy my domain name but refused. But for the right price you can take the domain has well as the equipment. Equipment Description

12 Hydraulic Machines including the below items. Shoulder Press / Lat Pull
Pec Fly / Rear Delt
Abdominal / Back
Leg Ext / Leg curl
Uprt Row
Multi Task LiftInner / Outer Thigh
Leg Press
Chest Press / Row
Rotary Torso
Bicip / Triceps
6 Power Boards
6 Aerobic stepper

Great for home work out gym, club house or great low cost way to start to start your own business, Workout Express' Hydraulic Fitness Equipment was designed originally from the outset to meet the needs of people who find conventional commercial fitness equipment either unappealing or intimidating. This led to a line of fluid resistance machines that fully accommodate any user no matter what their condition. The only requirement is the ability to sit / stand, walk, push and pull. Unlike most resistance machines that work against the user, our fluid machines work with the user' providing resistance only when they move the exercise arm. Since then, our equipment has evolved into an exercise modality that meets the needs and demands of all kinds of peoplefrom the elderly to the physically fit! Please check out this equipment maker at fitexpress. Com has well has the workout express. . This is offered at a fraction of the original cost and with no reserve. No shipping offered this is for local pick up only, will assist buyer in pick up, freight charges will be at buyer's expense.
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